Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Back at school for 2015

My first day back at school has been strange and weird because I came a bit late in the morning and was wondering where my friends were gone. I saw the prefects standing up at the front of the hall near the stage saying the welcomes and introducing themselves. Then Mrs Te'lea called out the students names for them to enter their brand knew classes for 2015.

After a while she called out my name and I an going to be in class 4 with Mrs Moala for the rest of the year. I was quite happy because Mrs Moala is an amazing teacher and she use to teach my little sister 2 years ago. Once we got into class she introduced her self again and we did a little spread sheet which had questions on it and we had to ask people what they we like.

I am looking forward to this year and especially next year when I head of to college along with all the other year 8 students. Hopefully I will end this school of well and get huge improvements through out the entire year. Because it doesn't really feel like I am a year 8 this year I still feel like a year 7, especially with the new buildings and the new basketball courts that will be coming out.

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