Monday, 24 August 2015

Writing Explanation

How can we prevent ourselves from getting sick? Well firstly stopping something from happening before it even starts is a hard thing to prevent because you never know if it is going to come or go. So the first thing I would do is keep clean. Keeping clean is just like washing yourself after you touch, smell, do, or even think about doing something, Like for example I always wash my hands longer than 1 minutes just to get all the germs out of my system.

If you are wanting some tips about how to block germs from coming to you so you won’t get sick. So if for example you touch a dirty napkin that you thought was clean because it was in the clean basket, then don’t just wipe it on another clothing material go to the bathroom and wash your hands. Another thing before you start cooking or eating wash your hands especially if you just finished playing outside, because you will only be passing on your germs to another person who is in the same environment as you.

Stay away from people that are sick or are getting sick. Because a little kiss on the forehead, or cheek, is a nice thing to do but you just may catch what they caught as well. “Oh” and if you are still in school, kindergarten, college, high school, or in University, and you take lunch with you please take my advice. Don’t eat other peoples food besides your own because you never know what could be in it or if you are allergic to it but you know you’re not. Because some people get very sick and they even have a chance of dying from other peoples food even a close friend, because suspecting that someone so close to you wouldn’t do that well it just might.

This one is way worse than the other sicknesses, it’s your skin problems. If you have eczema and you have dry skin don’t wash it off by using water and soap because that just causes your skin to dry up more and you eczema may get worse  and turn into scars, sores, and or they might even peal of your skin. So see a doctor for all of these cares of your sickness because one little cough can make your heart pound harder and all it wants it a doctor. Nothing else, because you’re medicine might change from an expert's advice.
Keeping warm is one of another way to prevent yourself from getting sick. Lastly if you are in the season of Winter and you are getting the flu, sick, and a runny nose. Then to prevent yourself from getting worse is by keeping warm with a warm blanket, the heater on, a warm pillow to lie on and sitting in the lounge or room with your family so that you know that you are safe and you won’t have to get up to get anything. Keeping warm is one of the most important things to suggest in terms of catching pneumonia, so just wrap yourself with a warm blanket, even though you may not be cold. And wearing warm clothing, close all your windows, doors, and vents in your house.

Something that can help you from getting sick is being able to eat healthy food. Some of the ways from preventing yourself from getting sick is firstly drinking a lot of fluid, eating vegetables, fruit, and most of all taking your medication medicine to help yourself to get well soon. For example I had the exact same sickness when I was in year 6 and I had to stay home from school for at least 1-2 weeks. It was boring but I learnt from it that healing sickness does take time and I had to drink and swallow all sorts of medication things that tasted disgusting but I got better so fast. But to you may not seem fast for 1-2 weeks but to me it felt as if it was only 1 day, you won’t have as much fun but you will learn from it.

So all I am trying to say here is that problems like this can lead to cancer, leading you to hospital, and a chance of dying. So just keep clean, wash you hands every 10 times a day, nah just kidding but at least wash your hands 6 or 7 times a day. Even if you have a little cough, runny nose, or a saw leg, saw arm, saw ears, and if you think you have sickness problems. See a doctor even if it is the closest medical centre near by.

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