Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Netball Game for Week 4

For our netball game that we had played last night (Tuesday the 11th of August) was an awesome game. Because event though half of the team was tired and had sore legs, and then after that game that we would have to play the next morning they would have to go to the netball tournament mixed team. Lucky I wasn't them because I was so tired that night and I was playing WD for the first 2/4 of the game and C for the 3/4 of the game. So me and my team mates put a lot of effort in that game as our vice captain "Leila" was ill in the hospital because she had something wrong with her leg. So we won that game particularly for her and won by 26/11 to Pt England school Red Lighting. And our player of the day was "Quasia" I really think she earned it because she played a full game of WA and kept intercepting and getting our ball back. So congratulations to you "Quasia". And I can not wait until our next game as we only have 2 games left for the season. We had to play the best that we have ever played because their scouts their watching our games for scholarships for college.

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Paige said...

Hey Lizara
What an awesome recount. How did you do? I love the way you included the correct punctuation.

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