Thursday, 12 March 2015

Whanau / Family time

On a hot sunny morning, me and my family had been planning to go on a trip to Rotorua for the entire holidays. The reason why we wanted to get out of the house, was to see my mum’s side of the family. We packed our bags the day before that, so that when we wake up we wouldn't need to do anything. All we would need to do is put everything into the car and wait for my parents to be motivated for a long way away!

“I wish I could drive so that my parents wouldn't need to do anything but sit down in the back seat and wait until we get their”. Because they usually do everything for us, with the help of me and my eldest sister Martha. My dad wanted to drive at least halfway there and my mum can drive the rest of the way.

The trick that we did was, that only my auntie “Terangi” no’s that we were visiting them, but we going to surprise the rest of my family. Once we got their me and my sister Martha offered to, take everything inside and put them away, since the did all the driving. It took us about 1 hour to do that, but my 3 little sisters, and my mum and dad went out to do shopping while me and Martha stayed home with my auntie.

We all went for a good night sleep before we go and say hello to the rest of the family, because we were busting to go sleep! “zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz” went throughout the entire night. Out of no where.......“Daring, daring, daring,” went the door bell. “Awwww” everyone woke up with the light pointing towards the face’s, the wind blowing through roughly, all because the window open.

Yea “It was my aunties, uncles, cousins, Nephews and nieces knocking on the door”. Wow what a surprise, they thought that since we are here why don’t we go with them too “rainbow springs”. So we went and found out that there wasn't much people there actually, but we didn't really care because the less people the faster the line will go.

We spent 7 hours at “rainbow springs” but felt really tired afterwards, so we all went to my auntie and uncles house to watch movies and eat heaps of goodies! There was 15 people all there including the adults and kids. I was looking forward to an awesome holiday this year, especially because all of the Christmas holidays that we have is awesome. Even if we don’t go out for trips to somewhere like Rotorua, Wellington, up North, Whangarei. Because we always will have each other!

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