Thursday, 5 March 2015

Saving this little girls day

Have you ever helped a lost stranger before? Well as I can remember the very last time I have helped a little child, was last year not so far away from Christmas. She was about 5 years old, and got lost in “GI” (Glenn Innes) near the pedestrian crossing.

She was lost, and her parents told her about the neighborhood that is probably why she was frightened. “I am just scared of this place and how I lost my family so quickly” said the little girl. So I took her around G.I too see if any of this people were her parents.

A little while later (5 minutes) we found her parents, they were in the “four square”. They said “thank you for finding my little one, we have been looking everywhere for her”. I was wondering how she got lost but didn't bother asking. Because I was meant to be buying my lunch but this got in the way, but from now on I am happy that she is safe.

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